Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Quick update

Well its been a long while since I posted, but here's a pic of what the pond looks like now.
We have so far seen what appeared to be millions of Daphne earlier in the year, but most seem to have gone so I suppose either the water quality or food level has changed or the tadpoles have eaten them. Also taken up residence are a great diving beetle, some water boat men and no doubt a myriad of unseen animals. There has been a lot of interest from red damselflies mating and laying eggs , so hopefully something to look forward to seeing in the future.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Splitting logs and a lucky find

Well I was really pleased the other day, I'd started spliting some logs for next winter. I'd felled my neighbours two beech trees, one was dead and the other not looking good.

So I'm splitting wood and found these

The larger grub I think is a lesser stag beetle larvae. Needless to say I put all the grubs I could find and put them and the log onto the log pile by the pond.

If your interested in stag beetles and wildlife here's a good site I found whilst researching the grubs.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Brook

Like I've mentioned before, we live next to a brook.
Here's a few pictures just to give you an idea. These where all taken behind our house in February.

A New Hope

Earlier in the year my daughter sat down and took part in the RSPB garden bird survey. The idea was to sit for an hour an see what birds visited in that time.

We had a grand total of zero ! not good at all.

So we decided to make an effort and turn the garden into a more wild life friendly place.

It seemed only natural to want to add a pond even though we live next door to small brook.

So this hopefully will be the story of our little pond and other things.

I dug the pond with help from my youngest two children.
It varies in depth from 18" to a very shallow 2"

We added a log pile for a amphibian/insect refuge

Here's the result, not quite finished but getting there.